Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"Hook" Me Up!

Have you ever tackled the task of unscrambling a pile of clothes hanger that you stored in the basement where the sun never shines? Not just that but buried deep down in a bottomless box of IKEA furniture packaging inside a 36-gallon trash bag.

Well, finding it is only the beginning. Try untangling and unweaving what seems to be like about hundreds of plastic and steel hooks and curves and clasps that are cleaved together like cement. Your impatience to get them all out and separated before dinner might actually wear you out to the point where you have no energy to make dinner. Rather than racing to budge and pull every hanger you can grab, the task can be very simple if you pay careful attention to the overall shape, angles, curves and how its' jointed with one another in order to disassemble what might seem like a Bernoulli equation for fluid mechanics.

Your body, in alignment with your mind and soul, works just the same. Just as those clothes hangers won't budge due to years of shoving and pushing which leads to more hasping and lasso entanglement, our minds are constantly nudged and thrusted by our hectic work and personal lives. The world is becoming a very cluttered and saturated place. Time is money and you might not afford to lose both. The faster you move the more check marks you can achieve on your today’s “to-do” list—or so you might think. In yoga, with patience and discipline, it untangles and realigns the relationship with mind and body. Also with careful attention to our body's speech, language, and state of mind, we can gradually progress to become capable to practice meditation. By slowly advancing your mind using meditation you can apprise to reality and at last achieve liberation. No more getting hooked and tangled.

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